With the year 2023 coming to an end, it’s time for us all to reflect. Here at Adriana Lacy Consulting, we are looking back at the design trends that really defined this year. So let's take a stroll down memory lane together. 

Artificial Intelligence

I don’t think we can bring up 2023 and not mention AI! From writing descriptions or social media posts to designing advertisements and creating whole new images, AI is at the front of everyone's minds. Not everyone is happy about these AI-generated pieces of content though. Intermixed has been a healthy debate on the ethics of using AI over real humans and whether or not the content is truly better. 


Brands are starting to break out of the preset molds set by earlier years. This year was all about letting people know that we’re all in this together. Messages of inclusion were posted between photos of models that didn’t fit the stereotype. While we saw a rise in representation for all people in 2023, this trend seems like it’s on the rise, and will likely continue until it’s the new standard.

The Third Dimension

Abstract 3D designs have been all the rage this year thanks to AI as well. Not only are they easier to generate compared to more realistic-looking ads, but they also give off the futuristic vibe a lot of companies are going for. We also saw AI-generated rooms with unique light fixtures or unobtainable angles being shared across social media.


This might seem odd since we said a lot of brands are leaning towards futuristic 3D design, but when they aren’t, nostalgia is their next go-to. Tapping into nostalgia is one of the best ways to sell a product, with its high tendency to evoke strong emotions that people will associate with  your brand. Specifically, brands have been leaning either toward the 70’s or Y2K eras.


Speaking of going back in time, 2023 also had a soft spot for the grunge style. Designs are trying to push the envelope just enough to come off as fun and edgy. Textured and unpolished-looking β€œhidden gems” are in, and advertisements are hoping you will connect with the product more and see it as a β€œhidden gem” as compared to a well-known brand. 


The last trend we’re going to talk about is a big one. Being eco-friendly wasn’t just a one-time single-platform design-based trend, it can be applied across the board. People are becoming more interested in how they can live in a way that lessens their negative impact on the Earth. This year, we saw more electric vehicles sold and people ditching one-time-use products. Companies also saw this and reformulated products or cut down on packaging, opting for more natural color palettes to promote the eco-friendliness of their brand.


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