Machines Can Write, But Can They Feel? The Intersection of AI and Human Storytelling

For writers and editors, it can feel like a threat. However, there is a way to use AI as a tool, too. 

Machines Can Write, But Can They Feel? The Intersection of AI and Human Storytelling
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If you haven’t seen Artificial Intelligence (AI) being used in the writing and editing landscape, look closer. AI is right in front of your eyes, and some of your publications are using it for an editorial boost. The transformative impact of AI is a conversation worth having in your newsroom, group chat, or daily meetings. For writers and editors, it can feel like a threat. However, there is a way to use AI as a tool, too. 

One of the many concerns for writers is how AI can miss the mark with the human touch or lack of emotion to convey a personal topic. Another fear is how AI produces content faster, which may cause clients to expect more content or no longer seek human writers. While human writers currently have the upper hand in the ability to create content with emotion, what about the future? 

Questions like these are becoming more common.

For now, powerful tools like Grammarly, Writesonic, and Frase, can help writers and editors strike a balance between efficiency — and creativity. These tools seek to fit in with the human voice and tone while also improving it. 

What is ChatGPT?

Meet ChatGPT, an AI chatbot. OpenAI created ChatGPT to interact with natural human language. ChatGPT is an excellent tool for providing helpful advice while still using human voice and tone. It is being used more often for longer-form writing such as blog posts, essays, websites, and more. 

The Gift of GrammarlyGO

Whether you have used GrammarlyGO with a free subscription or a paid option, it has probably helped you become a more effective writer. GrammarlyGO specializes in helping writers refine their grammar — and tone. AI is the special ingredient that helps the tool give writers and editors the best content. Using AI as a communication assistant, GrammarlyGO understands a writer’s context and preferred writing style.

The AI-powered tool is getting attention, too. TIME recognized Grammarly as one of the most 100 influential companies. Fast Company highlighted Grammarly as one of the world’s most innovative AI companies. Grammarly is also ranked among other industry leaders on Forbes Cloud 100. More than 30 million people around the world use the tool each day. While providing real-time writing suggestions, the helpful AI tool empowers writers to create content that is more effective and efficient.

Grammarly offers writers and editors options. They can choose from Grammarly Free, Grammarly Premium, Grammarly Business, and Grammarly for education.

Writesonic Wonders

Writers and editors have many things on their minds while creating content. The copy should be SEO-optimized for the best success. Even more importantly, written content must be original and free from plagiarism. On the best day, achieving both of these goals flawlessly takes time — and often a team.

Writesonic exists to meet writers in the moment. Writers are using this AI writer for blogs, Facebook and Google ads, emails, and website content. The tool promotes that it can help writers create this content 10 times faster. Writesonic serves writers, e-commerce stores, marketing teams, and entrepreneurs.

The AI tool is strategic. It places keywords in the correct locations. It helps with those important internal and external links, too. For website managers, the tool can help to increase traffic. For e-commerce leaders, Writesonic may boost revenue. Users can first explore a free trial. The next levels are Unlimited, Business, and Enterprise, which are monthly subscriptions. The business level allows subscribers to use GPT-4.0. 

Frase Formula

After all of your hard work creating content, wouldn’t you want people to find you during their next Google search? Frase is an AI tool that helps writers achieve this goal. Using AI, Frase helps writers generate content that uses the facts and background research found in search results. It also checks in on what competitors are doing to give content creators the best content. 

Keywords are a big deal when creating SEO-optimized content, so Frase does the heavy lifting. Consider these steps: research, outline, write, and optimize. 

While Frase offers a five-day trial for $1, each of its plans is a paid subscription. Users may choose from the Solo, Basic, or Team plans. For an additional $35 per month, writers can gain access to unlimited AI-generated words. Each plan includes a variety of benefits, including content scores, Google Search Console, automated content briefs, and more.

Future Concerns

If you’re worried about the future, consider the unique gift of storytelling. From oral tradition to written words, humans have a special style of sharing content with their readers. No matter how much AI may try, our voices cannot be duplicated perfectly. There will always be something missing. 

Grammarly, Writesonic, and Frase will still need an extra set of eyes: ours. Consider fundraising, for example. While AI-powered tools can present research, keywords, and other helpful information, there is something special about human storytelling. The writer may have their own personal experience to contribute to a fundraising website. The organization may also have information that can only be discovered in-house. There are audiences who are seeking the facts. There are also groups of supporters who are waiting to feel the emotion through their hearts. 

Examples like the one above are just a reminder that writers and editors can partner with AI-powered tools to do their best work. AI-powered tools cannot compare to the human experience. Instead of fearing them, work with them to your advantage. 

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