Watch for These Design Trends Heading Your Way in 2024

A few of the key designs of 2024 promise to include a revival of hand-drawn and organic designs offering unique perspectives, augmented reality, three dimensional graphics, and geometric shapes.

Watch for These Design Trends Heading Your Way in 2024
Katie Metz // Adriana Lacy Consulting 

Design trends for 2024 are predicted to sit in opposition. Bold, geometric elements contrasted with simple, muted tones. Hand-drawn lettering and images against three dimensional and motion graphics. 

But if you are tempted to think these trends are haphazardly arranged, rest assured there is a plan to appeal to a diverse audience in an effort to engage users and meet them where they are. 

You might be thinking how these trends are relevant from a marketing perspective. With that in mind, let’s dig into the top design trends for 2024. 

Geometric Shapes

Look for hexagonal shapes and mosaic patterns. Geometric shapes can exact a memorable impact because they are easily recognizable. Found in nature and known for their symbolic meaning, these powerful shapes draw viewers to your brand.  By employing mosaic patterns, viewers are pulled through a historical art form which offers a unique perspective and technique to create an original image. 


Forever the classic, minimalism returns to the spotlight, this time, emerging with a few new touches. Delivering simplicity for impact, the design principles of minimalism marry beautifully with marketing. By directing the user's eye to only the most important aspects, brands can utilize color, typography, and content, with the “less is more” approach. Look for embedded micro animations. Known as animated cursors, these effects pair well with minimalism when your design choices are kept simple, by directing your audience to a specific element, the animated cursor. This provides an immersive user experience. Also look for a simple color palette, with muted tones, their calming effect pairs with minimalism with a clear focus. 

Hand-drawn lettering and images

In a digital age, one might be surprised to find hand-drawn images on the list of trends, but, if connecting with your viewer on a personal level is your goal, consider this approach. Think about freehand logos, and lettering, incorporating authenticity into your brand. Providing a personal touch, original designs can elevate your brand by standing out among the rest. 

Augmented Reality

Our technological advances have given rise to methods that previously were out of reach for most graphic designers. Augmented reality offers a bridge between the physical and digital reality using animations and interactive features. AR-equipped devices will offer users an immersive experience using posters, even dressing rooms, where your audience can interact with your brand.  

3D Characters

Three dimensional images are projected to be seen increasingly on websites, in typography, and promotional banners. Eye-catching and engaging, 3D images provide a more realistic experience for viewers and can be utilized in programs such as Adobe and Visme. Three dimensional images offer interest and can really make your designs pop. But try not to overuse it as the effect can be overwhelming to the viewer. 

Often paired with motion graphics, the two design concepts have the power to transform your brand image while engaging users.  

Watch for these highlighted design trends in 2024, and consider implementing them in your content and branding message to deliver an authentic, impactful customer experience. 

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