Many people grow up seeking a career they know they will be passionate about. For some people, that dream has become a reality. As the popularity of gaming continues to rise, so does the popularity of gaming journalism.

Games and journalism have long intersected. One of the earliest examples was crossword puzzles, which, according to Smithsonian Magazine, have been inserted into newspapers since 1942. As gaming and journalism continue to intersect, it is not only a new form of journalistic jobs that video games have created. They have also allowed for new writing techniques and story presentation.

Video Game Journalism

Journalism includes news on a variety of topics. One of those topics is video games. As the subtitle suggests, this type of journalism covers news topics about current video games. Common types of video game journalism include game announcements, details about game development, reviews, updates, news about gaming events and overall news about the gaming industry.

These stories may appear in print, blogs and websites, or be done by independent freelance writers. Some of the most popular game journalism websites include IGN, GameSpot and Game Informer News. These outlets rake in millions of viewers. IGN alone claims to have nearly 360 million fans from across 35 platforms and 110 countries.

Video game journalism is essential for letting consumers make better-informed decisions before buying gaming products. These articles focus on a variety of topics, including game functionality, how others are reacting, design, development, analysis and more.

Interestingly, it has also become a new approach for journalists with more traditional topics to tell their stories. Unlike most journalism, which is linear and sticks to the facts, a hefty part of discussing video games is presenting hypothetical scenarios where different choices lead to different outcomes. This allows the reader to think about what could have happened if the story played out differently.

The Future of Game Reporting

Video games themselves continue to grow in popularity. The World Economic Forum says the global gaming industry is worth $257.1 billion in 2023. This number is only expected to grow, reaching $321 billion by 2026.

While the gaming industry itself is certainly growing – now with movie and television adaptations of popular video games such as League of Legends and The Last of Us – some people still have concerns about the growth of the gaming journalism industry itself.

Just last year, The Washington Post terminated five of its staff members from their section covering video games and esports. GameSpot and IGN also shrunk their ownership groups in 2023, and there are many other similar organizations either making cuts or shutting down their video game-focused operations. But even still, game journalists are thriving. Other publications like Bloomberg and Wired are still hiring, and freelance opportunities are up as the industry grows and gaming journalism jobs become a dream for more and more people.

Gaming Journalism Today

Video games are becoming more popular than ever. The multi-billion dollar industry has had an impact on the world today, including journalism. As the demand for video games grows, so does the desire to find a life-long career focusing on that topic that so many people are passionate about. Several popular gaming stories outlets, such as IGN and GameSpot, are still seeing millions of viewers and are continuing their popularity on social media.

While that future is still unclear, gaming journalism has already had a large impact on the journalism world. It has inspired new writing techniques and allowed writers to find new engaging ways to immerse readers into their stories.

Gaming has already heavily intersected with journalistic work. Whether new jobs or new techniques, as the video game industry continues to grow, so might the impact on the journalism world. 

Written by Emily M.  


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