When we think of conversational marketing, most likely an image of a customer service representative with a headset sitting at a computer is what comes to mind. In reality, conversational marketing can include any kind of personalized customer support such as the use of messaging apps within social media, or email communications.

While most consumers prefer to speak in real-time, realistically, few companies can offer around the clock customer service. Since paying customer service reps to provide 24 hour access is out of reach for most businesses, chatbots can offer customer support with the power to enhance customer satisfaction, without costing a fortune. 

While personal assistance is preferable, chatbots offer advantages that are hard to beat. Consider the benefits of availability, customization, increased productivity, and data collection. 


Did you know that 91% of consumers worldwide say that resolving an issue is their most important concern? Knowing access to service via chat bot is available 24/7 gives your business the opportunity to satisfy this need. At any time of day a customer can access service using a chat bot to answer a question or perform tasks.  Since consumers spend about 5 hours a day on a mobile device, integrating a bot on your website or social media account is a surefire way to meet them wherever they are. 


Chatbots can be personalized to send a custom greeting from previously collected information; even style and tone of voice are customizable. With the ability to gather info such as the user's name, location, phone number, email and time zone, future responses can be tailored to deliver personalized service. 

For example, by asking for the address at the beginning of a conversation, a bot can then follow up to clarify the delivery address after a purchase. When you know your customers’ preferences, you can customize the greeting from your bot by offering a discount for new visitors or, based on the amount of time spent on a page, make sure they found what they were looking for with a custom message. 

Increased Productivity

By controlling various functions, chat bots allow your employees to focus on more important tasks. This equates to cost reduction. A bot can manage numerous conversations at the same time, allow users to fill out forms or place orders, and provide a cheerful exchange. They can even remain calm, when human conversation may get heated when resolving issues. 

Consider how River Island, a fashion company in London, used chatbots to improve their customer service. Six months after implementing chat to respond to customer inquiries, they boasted 15 million content engagements through Messenger and Twitter Direct. 

Data Collection

By programming a chat bot to ask specific questions, such as name, email, and preferences, your business can personalize the customer experience while collecting valuable information. This data can help deliver insights to boost customer satisfaction and engagement.

ChatBot is just one of many providers that offers a free trial where messages can be saved in archives for future reference. They supply many additional ways to store and manage insights such as using surveys or quizzes to help satisfy customer needs. This information can be used to suggest products, provide tips, and offer discounts.

Conversational marketing allows your organization to engage with its customer base while gathering insights into their wants and needs. Using chatbot technology gives your business the ability to provide personalized service with the power to boost interaction and brand loyalty. 

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