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You’ve probably seen it in the “ins and outs” trend that is circulating on TikTok and, to a lesser extent, on other social media platforms like X (formerly Twitter). Creating a list of things that are “in'' or “out” for 2024 is a vibes-based, predominantly Gen Z and Millennial alternative to New Year’s resolutions.

In the style of magazines’ and lifestyle blogs’ trend lists, they range from a humorous way to reflect on changes you want to make from the previous year to broader observations of shifts in style and social trends. You might say that dating apps and keto are on your outs list and meeting dates through friends and flexitarianism are on your ins list. 

It can also be a way to take a gentle jab at an ex or reflect on and move past your own foibles. Some TikTok influencers have declared that the trendy minimalism of the “Clean Girl” aesthetic is out in 2024, to be replaced by the much more in “Mob Wife” aesthetic, characterized by heavier makeup, standout accessories, and over-the-top opulence.

But what about your marketing efforts? What’s in for 2024 and what should your marketing strategy leave in 2023? Here are some suggestions. 

Marketing Ins

Personalized and creative content: With consumer fatigue at a high ebb, unique content tailored to your ideal audience is a must to generate business and the all-important word of mouth! Forbes reports that personalization and cultural relevance are more important than ever to success in your marketing strategy. AI can help you here, but don’t lean too hard on AI! (Keep reading to learn more about where AI stands!)

Authentic and expert content creators: Instead of slick famous-to-be-famous influencers, TikTok and other social media users are increasingly turning either to  experts or people providing authentic windows into their everyday lives. Consider Jessica Secrest, the Midwestern mom who went viral for her “aggressive cooking” tutorials or Jade Weatherington, the teacher bringing her expertise teaching writing to a content creation business.

Using AI as a tool: According to Forbes, AI chatbots and analytics are the future of marketing and customer interactions in the coming year. They can supplement the work of creatives and eliminate rote or low-level tasks, but they aren’t ready for the spotlight yet – especially if your design needs text or an image of hands!

Marketing Outs

Generic messaging: Forbes reports that consumer fatigue is something marketers need to watch out for in 2024! Your potential customers and clients are tired of being bombarded with ads and asks, and their tempers and attention spans are shorter than ever. A generic message won’t generate the buzz – or the business – you need to succeed.

Ultra-polished influencers: Well-known for being well-known and undoubtedly staged, the influencers of the teens and early 2020s are increasingly becoming passé. De-influencers are even countering influencers and telling consumers what not to buy!

Relying on AI: Don’t lay off your creatives – for one thing, unlike AI, they can draw hands! According to Forbes, relying on AI for strategy or creativity is still not an option. 

Much-discussed in 2023, strategic and creative AI work is a thought experiment best left in 2023 – at least for now!

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