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New Year, New Trends!

This new year is all about creating the best-paid media strategy, but the reason why takes us back to 2020. The pandemic pushed more people online than ever before, and while the digital world was always popular, it is now growing exponentially. Let's dive in to see what 2024 has in store for paid media.

Artificial Intelligence

AI isn’t so new anymore, but its uses are continually evolving. Google has gotten the memo and is helping advertisers with their Performance Max campaign. This AI tool uses a variety of factors to help automate your ads. Other tools in Google Ads allow you to broad-match keywords, enable smart bidding, or allow Google to pick the best ads to show at the right time for the best price. These tools are only going to get better, though it is still important to keep a human eye on your marketing. Think of AI as a way to speed up the process.     

New Target Audience 

Ok, not completely new, but ever since 2020, people have been steadily moving out of big cities and into more charming suburbias. This is expected to continue and marketing strategies need to shift to their audience's new living environment. Consumers are preferring neighborhood stores and a more “local” connection to a product. 

Selling Across Platforms

Gone are the days when people buy solely through a shop's site. Instagram and TikTok now allow you to sell your products directly through their platform. You can link Facebook, Pinterest, and X directly to your site through  ads on social media or direct consumers to your site through a link in your bio. Ads should focus on the convenience factor when selling through social media platforms. Another strategy that takes advantage of social media is influencer marketing. Reach out to influencers in your niche to help promote your products to their following. 

When it comes to social media, another thing to consider is the use of keywords. We all know what this means regarding getting on the first page of Google, but it’s a little different on a platform like Instagram. Consider which words and hashtags your buyers are using in your product niche. Utilize these in your product captions, metadata, and in hashtags to reach as many as possible. 

Videos Above Pictures

Reels on Instagram, Shorts on YouTube, and TikToks are continuing to see growth. Don’t think of ads as static photos of your product anymore. Short, entertaining videos will bring in a much larger audience in 2024. These can showcase a variety of things, from behind-the-scenes info on your business to a more thorough video on your product that answers any questions people might have before they buy. 

Short video content isn’t the only option. With the increasing number of people using streaming services above cable TV, there is now a wider range of where you can market. Depending on your budget, consider advertising through Netflix or Hulu to reach your audience on a platform they’re likely already captivated by.

Voice Search Optimized

Buyers are slowly switching over to searching for businesses and products using voice search, but there’s still time to get in early on this trend and give your business an edge. Adding long-tail, conversational, and question-based keywords will help your business show up when people ask their voice assistants for recommendations. These are usually longer than the traditional keyword style but will give a higher conversion rate since they are also more specific. 

Use these tips to get a jump start on your New Year's marketing resolutions! These should give you a good starting point, but as we all know, the marketing landscape is ever-changing.

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