Maximize Your Brand's Reach with a Social Media Scheduling Tool

For the social media manager wearing many hats, scheduling social media content is one of the best tips for succeeding at work

Maximize Your Brand's Reach with a Social Media Scheduling Tool
Katie Metz // Adriana Lacy Consulting

Time is money. Are you spending your time wisely, or throwing dollars away?

For the social media manager, time can be one of the greatest challenges. There is always content to post, but knowing the right time to post can be a time-consuming decision.

What’s the challenge?

Many social media managers are also communications professionals maintaining other responsibilities. Posting to social media may be only one of the many tasks for the day. Creating the content is another big part of the job, and it is just as important. One doesn’t exist without the other.

For the social media manager wearing many hats, scheduling social media content is one of the best tips for succeeding at work. Finding the ideal time to post is where the magic happens, though. When done well, your posts are seen by the right people at the right time. When received in the perfect environment, your engaged audience is ready to click, view, and act. Whether it is spreading the word, subscribing, or purchasing a product or service, the goal is to get conversions.

Social Chime is on a mission to harmonize the world of social media management, ensuring every brand's voice resonates clearly, authentically, and timely. We believe in the power of connection, and our tools are designed to make every interaction count.

Before you start scheduling posts for random parts of the day, follow along for some best practices. Then, see how we can partner with brands like yours to increase impact and engagement. Everyone wins when the timing is right.

A Plan with a Purpose

Before you even think about scheduling posts, consider your content. If you have been following best practices, you may already have a content calendar. It may feel overwhelming when you think of planning content day by day, but it is a huge timesaver and a great way to be proactive instead of reactive.

While some people use a content calendar to write posts word for word, others use it as a guide for topics. There may also be posting rhythms. For example, one day of the week may highlight a particular area of your brand. Another day of the week may simply be a quote or a photo that ties in with your brand’s values and voice.

One of the top benefits of a content calendar is consistency. One of the greatest challenges to social media managers is running out of content. When a plan exists, it reduces the risk of being inconsistent. Don’t be the brand that only posts during a campaign or a big sale.

If you choose to only post once a week, stick to this goal. Your followers will anticipate your weekly post and it will bring trust and credibility. Start small — and stay consistent. Here is some information to include in your content calendar:

  • Post date
  • Post time
  • Platform choice (Twitter or Instagram, for example)
  • Format (video, photo, text)
  • Hashtags (do your research!)
  • Links

Planning for the month, it is much easier to anticipate major holidays or fun holidays that align with your brand’s mission and messaging. A proactive social media manager has already been planning for the three-day weekends or major events.

Best Practices for Scheduling

If you think scheduling posts means setting it and forgetting it, think again. Here are a few best practices:

Monitor and Adjust

Just like other marketing methods, a successful social media manager is monitoring and adjusting. Seasoned professionals are checking in to see how other posts are performing. They are deciding if videos are better than still images. Most importantly, they are watching the headlines.

Maintain Easy Access to the Scheduling Tool

We have unfortunately seen scheduled posts go out at the wrong time. During somber times in the nation or the world, an innocently scheduled post with humor can be met with backlash. It is always important to have easy access to scheduled posts. Know the login credentials and be prepared to either edit the post or schedule it for another time.

Research Your Hashtags

Hashtags can sometimes be an afterthought for content creators. To avoid getting caught up in the wrong conversation, spend time researching the best hashtags for your content. If you use a particular hashtag regularly, check in to see which conversations are grouped with your hashtag of choice. It can make the difference between a successful post and a sinking post.

Pick The Right Platform

Your scheduled post for Facebook may look quite different from the post on LinkedIn. Knowing your audience and the general flow of the platform can play a role in your decision. It’s OK to make small adjustments to the content to match the platform. While a video might work best on Instagram, LinkedIn may want a longer form post instead.

Watch The Time

Before you post, know the importance of the timing. We wish we could tell you that it is the same time for every brand, but it’s not a one-size-fits-all approach. It once again requires research and monitoring. This can take time, and it can also require patience. One day may be different from the next. When you think about the time, first consider your audience. Then, try posting different times of day while taking notes. Consider which posts performed best and try for more than one week to determine a rhythm.

Schedule with Social Chime

We make it easy to schedule all of your posts for all of your platforms. You can find it all in one place, too. Here are the best parts:

  • HashtagsTrack the performance of your hashtags to determine which words are most impactful
  • Smart LinkCreate a fully customizable URL that can be added anywhere
  • Approvals SystemAvoid last-minute changes by going through the approval process
  • Inbox

Answer comments and questions all in one place instead of switching back and forth to platforms

Start scheduling your social media posts today. We’re here to help you harmonize your content. Learn more about how you can begin a 14-day free trial of Social Chime.

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