Social Media Marketing? SEO? Why Not Both?

While each plays a pivotal role independently, their integration is proving increasingly beneficial. 

Social Media Marketing? SEO? Why Not Both?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and social media marketing have long been cornerstones of digital brand promotion. While each plays a pivotal role independently, their integration is proving increasingly beneficial. 

SEO is crucial for enhancing visibility; it helps ensure your brand appears to users when they are searching relevant keywords. When searchers see your business displayed again and again, with each new search, they form an image of your brand as a credible resource. Most SEO processes are aligned toward an overarching goal of painting your brand as the highest authority in your field. Meanwhile, social media is focused on facilitating informal candid conversations, building and nurturing relationships, and painting your brand as approachable and authentic.

These top tools seem to contradict one another. We have, traditionally, employed these strategies as wholly seperate processes. Typically one team will be tasked with deploying an SEO campaign focused on elevating your brand, and establishing an aura of authority. At the same time, a second team might be tasked with representiung the personable, gregarious side of your brand on the top social platforms. 

As it turns out, these two, seemingly contradictory tools are even stronger together.

The Evolution of SEO

There is a common misconception that SEO was created in an attempt to crack Google’s enigmatic algorithm. Few know that SEO predates Google by at least 1 year. 

Wait, there were other search engines before Google?!

Indeed, there were several search engines in use before Google bounced onto the scene and changed the course of how we seek and find information on the web for all of time, or until the next disruptive  idea enters the arena. 

Early search engines were essentially keyword data dumps of information with no nuanced filters to refine results, and make them useful. SEO initially arose from a need to make the early search engine results more user friendly. SEO evolved as the engines learned to optimize the best client content 

Google Changed the Search Engine Game

As Google rose to prominence, it refined search technology at every turn, delivering results that felt almost magical in their relevance and accuracy. Today, Google's algorithms consider a broad spectrum of criteria, from keywords to site performance and peer references, shaping a highly nuanced approach to SEO.

The Role of Social Signals in SEO 

Google now also looks at 'social signals'—likes, shares, comments, and other interactions—to gauge website quality. These signals are secondary to traditional SEO metrics but are acknowledged as influential factors. Many businesses overlook the potential of their social media accounts. Optimizing these can significantly enhance their SEO impact and that can mean impressive gains for your business. 

Automation and Artificial Intelligence Make Social Media Engagement Easy

If you've previously neglected your social media due to the time and effort required, you'll find today's tools make it much easier to maintain an active presence without taking you away from the businessof running your business. Services like Social Chime are able to tackle all your social outreach with limited input from you. 

Let’s see what Social Chime can take off your plate.

Social Media Scheduling

Consistency is still the key to building a trustworthy social media reputation. Posting at specific dates and times creates anticipation in your followers while demonstrating your stability and reliability.

The logistics of generating fresh content on a regular schedule, 5 to 7 days per week don’t exactly comport well with running a new business.

This is exactly what Social Chime was made for. The platform’s Social Media Scheduling feature is central to its service offerings. Unlike early social media scheduling tools, there is no need to create unique content for each platform. Social Chime’s centralized dashboard lets you (or your team) create all the content you need, for every platform, all; in one space. Best of all, the smart platform can automatically adapt the same piece of raw content to create a finished version that is optimized for each platform. 

Drawing people to your platform with compelling content is the first step. Your ultimate goal is converting youiir visitors into customers.  To accomplish that you have to give your visitors a clear path to the next step that you want them to take. Social Chime’s Smartlinks let you create an endless array of opportunities for casual visitors to takew the next step and click to become a customer. 

Use Smartlinks to direct your visitors to strategic content, create custom calls to action and place the buttons throughout your social media platforms to encourage visitoirs to act. Then, use Smartlinks from external websites to link back to your content so you can take advantage of the SEO boost as well. 

Pair Smartlinks with the Hashtag Tracking feature to measure the impact of your current strategies. Social Chime’s detailed reports can be customized to show you the details that are important to you. The dashboard allows you to see at a glance which elements are working and which aren’t. There is no more guessing. Simply change the problem aspects until your content is hitting on all cylinders. 

Automated Publishing and AI Writing Assist

If you are really pressed for time, or drawing a blank when it comes to clever hooks and catchy captions, Social Chime can take over creative duties too. Feed CaptionAI a few key details and watch it generate several captions in different “voices” so you can select the best fit for your audience. 

Social Chime’s fusion of automation and AI is able to take most of the heavy lifting off your shoulders. Suddenly, it is easy to churn out high-quality content on a regular schedule. 

Leverage the Combined Power of SEO and Social Media

By leveraging both SEO and social media, you can significantly enhance your online presence. Even better, you can start to connect with your audience on a deeper level and start fostering real relationships to build a loyal customer base.

Are you ready to dust off your old social media personas and put them back to work? Reach out to Social Chime first and we’ll help you create your own automation recipe and make sure you get off to a great start and keep the momentum rolling.  

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