Navigating Social Media Trends with Social Chime

For brand managers and marketers, 2024 presents a thrilling yet demanding opportunity given the expectations of social media users for transparency, authenticity, and engagement. 

Navigating Social Media Trends with Social Chime
Katie Metz // Adriana Lacy Consulting

For brand managers and marketers, 2024 presents a thrilling yet demanding opportunity given the expectations of social media users for transparency, authenticity, and engagement. 

The digital tapestry of social media is woven with new patterns, revealing a complex picture of how brands, creators, and consumers respectively communicate, share, and absorb information. Here, we’ll unravel some of these intricacies by presenting the latest social media trends that are defining and redefining the norms of social media interactions in 2024.

The Rise of Long-Form Video

Platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube have completely changed video consumption. Scrollers are hungry for more, including longer videos and deeper stories. As YouTube emerges as a more documentary-style platform, TikTok and Instagram are pivoting from a focus on quick laughs to longer-form content that lets creators tell stories that last longer than it takes to air fry a mug cake.

Over the past few years, the rise of short-form videos has led TikTok to become a social titan. 2024 is seeing a pivot towards the virtues of long-form content, and this shift can largely be attributed to the challenging nature of monetizing short-form content, with advertising revenue serving as the lifeblood of these digital platforms. 

For marketers, the rise of long-form video isn't just about adapting. Extended narratives afford brands, newsrooms, and publishers a broader canvas to tell their stories with nuance, build deeper connections, and engage with audiences in a way that surpasses the mere 'selling of a product'. It's the kind of brand-building that forges lasting loyalty and turns viewers into advocates.

Social Commerce: New Shopping Experiences

Imagine scrolling through your favorite social platforms and—BOOM—you're suddenly shopping without leaving the app. Think of it as turning your relaxed scroll into retail therapy where you can snag items you needed, or didn’t know you needed, with a single tap. Tools like Social Chime’s SmartLinks puts the ‘smart’ in social profiles and bios. With a hyperlinked, shoppable profile, brands, and creators can drop breadcrumbs from posts and link out to online shops or retail referral links. It's all about making ‘add to cart’ as easy as possible.

SmartLinks is a revolutionary link-in-bio feature that gives brands the ability to integrate direct links into their social media content and profiles is akin to unlocking a direct corridor to their online stores. This seamless integration facilitates an effortless transition from discovery to purchase, a process that is crucial in fast-paced digital environments in which convenience is the priority.

The underlying premise of social e-commerce is simple—leveraging social media platforms not just for connecting with others, but as easy-to-access marketplaces where users can discover and purchase products directly through hyperlinked profiles and posts. This evolution represents a shift in how consumers are shopping and discovering brands—transforming passive scrolling into an interactive shopping experience.

The Power of Authentic Behind-the-Scenes Content

Behind-the-scenes (BTS) social content is a major force for 2024. This trend—driven by a growing desire for authenticity—has seen brands pulling back the curtain to give followers and fans a glimpse into their methods, culture, talent, and more. Unlike polished, curated posts that dominated social platforms for years, BTS content is raw, relatable, and forges stronger brand-to-follower connections. 

The impact on social media users is three-fold:

  • Engagement: Users aren't satisfied with being passive spectators anymore. BTS content encourages them to engage, share opinions, and feel as though they are a part of the content creation process.
  • Education: For many, BTS content isn’t just entertaining—it's educational. Seeing how things are made or understanding the complexity of how a product is made can add layers of appreciation and knowledge.
  • Inclusivity and Diversity: BTS content often highlights different team members and showcases company culture and diversity. This has an added social impact, underlining the importance of inclusivity in the workplace, while giving users the chance to see not just what brands create, but to “meet” the people playing a role in the creation process.

Behind-the-scenes content is more than a trend; it's a reflection of the evolving relationship between brands and their communities. It is a clarion call for companies to dismantle the facade and engage with audiences in a way that's genuine, interactive, and impactful. It is evident that the adage "show, don't tell" has never been more fitting—or powerful.

The Influence of Social Media AI

Social Media AI has revolutionized how content is discovered, consumed, and shared. Platforms now employ algorithms that are far more capable of understanding user preferences, making accurate recommendations, and hence, hyper-personalized content. Not only has this kept users glued to their screens for longer but it also has created new avenues for brands to create hyper-targeted campaigns that resonate with their audience's needs and interests. 

One of the most notable advancements has been the rise of AI-driven content creation tools, including Social Chime’s AI Writing Assist tool. Capable of generating high-quality, engaging content within seconds, AI writing tools are breaking down barriers for content production, allowing brands with even the smallest of budgets to compete in the crowded digital ecosystem. Furthermore, AI chatbots have evolved from simple customer service assistants to dynamic entities capable of carrying out nuanced conversations, offering personalized shopping advice, and fostering a stronger connection between brands and their followers.

Social Media Platforms as Search Engines

Social media platforms are not only influencing what we discover but also how we engage with brands and retailers. Consumers have several options in terms of searching social platforms today:

  • Hashtag Usage: On par with traditional search engine keywords, hashtags are pivotal in organizing and surfacing content. Users can tag and discover with ease, offering a user-friendly search experience within their social feeds.
  • Personalized AI Recommendations: Social media platforms now deliver exceptionally personalized content, thanks to AI that tracks user interaction patterns. Instead of lists of links, users receive a visually rich mosaic tailored to their interests and behaviors.
  • Voice Search: The integration of voice search is growing within these platforms. Voice queries allow users to search hands-free, a feature particularly popular for users on the go.

Instagram Threads and YouTube Shorts

In response to the popularity of quick storytelling, platforms are offering adjacent features like Instagram Threads and YouTube Shorts. Instagram Threads has fine-tuned the art of communication into an essential tool for niche communities by way of:

  • Exclusive Q&A Access: Influencers and brands are capitalizing on Instagram Threads for invitation-only Q&A sessions that foster closer connections and give followers and fans a glimpse behind the scenes.
  • Focused Fitness Communities: For example, users are leveraging “Threads for Fitness” to create a supportive network where members swap workout tips, daily progress, and healthy meal ideas.
  • Specialized Interest Groups: Ranging from hobbyists to professionals, Threads has become the go-to for in-depth discussions on interests too specific for the broader Instagram audience.

The emerging trend of "threadcasting" signifies a new wave of live, interactive content. Book clubs, industry insider talks, and even virtual meetups are blooming within these spaces, as Instagram Threads prioritizes depth over breadth in conversations.

On the flip side, YouTube Shorts offers immediate impact with its bite-sized video format.

  • Quick-Hit Insights with Education Content: From quickfire cooking demonstrations to succinct coding tutorials, Shorts are rapidly becoming an educational staple as "Shorts School" brings a vast array of learnings to the masses.
  • Snapshot Showcases for Shoppers: Recognizing the power of brevity, businesses create rapid product showcases in their "Shorts Shopping" series, making it simpler than ever for viewers to discover and buy products.

As we traverse the vibrant threads of today's social media landscape, one thing is clear: platforms and consumer behaviors are in a constant state of flux. From the ongoing wave of long-form video to new, seamless social shopping experiences, brands are finding exciting ways to engage with users. 

Whether you're a content creator adapting to these trends or a social media marketer strategizing your next campaign, the key takeaway here is adaptability. Balance the drive for authenticity with the strategic use of new features. Additionally, remember to include your audience in your brand's narrative and reshape your approach as the social media landscape continues to expand and transform.

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