2024 Best Practices: Marketing Strategies and Trends to Follow

2024 Best Practices: Marketing Strategies and Trends to Follow

In 2024, marketing strategies are still content focused. Don’t get lost in the abundance of marketing trends, narrow your focus to these trends and best practices as we enter the new year. 

Generative AI takes center stage. Marketing professionals are taking advantage of its ability to generate new content. From text, audio, images and video, generative AI promises to increase productivity and efficiency. In fact, a study from automation platform Delve AI found that of those who use AI to generate content, 90% say that it is successful, while 82% say they have seen financial return. 

With the ability to customize generative content, personalization and innovation are two key reasons marketers are turning to AI. Although, keep in mind that it is not without risks. Bias, accuracy, privacy, copyright, and transparency are all serious issues that arise when using generative AI. 

Synthesia is one example of the top generative AI tools. It turns text into videos that include avatars and voice-overs. Meanwhile, Adobe’s Firefly has the ability to create text and images for content driven work. 

If your business plans to implement generative AI, it is imperative to disclose whether AI was used, even if only partially. In addition, human oversight is essential to combat risks such as copyright infringement and bias. Be sure to test your models regularly for accuracy. 

Influencer marketing will continue to dictate culture and popular trends. But don’t limit your partnerships to promoting your brand or product. Invite influencers as guest speakers for events such as podcasts and webinars. The power of their impact on your audience is predicted to hit 13.8 billion in 2024, according to Influencer Marketing Hub

Often being referred to as creators, rather than influencers, fans are being persuaded by their authenticity and relatability. The Hub says this has prompted businesses to plan on a 67% increase in their budget dedicated to influencer marketing in the next year. 

Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok are among the leading platforms for influencer marketing. Choosing influencers with a smaller audience, between 1,000 to 100,000, can help businesses avoid large fees that creators with a huge amount of followers often charge.  

Be aware the incidence of influencer fraud is still something to watch out for. Although fewer cases are being reported, some influencers are still purchasing followers so their accounts appear more popular. Be sure to research potential partnerships thoroughly to avoid any fraud. When it comes to ethical concerns, ensure your brand values are in line with those of the influencer and their audience before committing to partnering with them. This will help avoid the risk of inappropriate content being shared with your audience.  

Video content continues to lead in 2024 as an effective way to connect with your audience. Here too, TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube remain the most popular platforms for posting short-form videos. More and more businesses are using videos to market their products and services. In fact, according to Vimeo, 85% of businesses are employing video content. 

Versatility is a strong point as marketers engage their audiences through video using social media, advertising, and storytelling. With 70% of brands reporting that they plan to increase their use of video compared to previous years, taking advantage of the billions of viewers flocking to social media platforms will lead to a larger reach. 

Be sure to invest in high quality video content that emphasizes authenticity and storytelling. Include video content on your social media calendar to be sure your business is utilizing this effective form of audience engagement.   

Hyper-personalization is the new term when it comes to using data and technology to further customize your customer experience. It is no longer enough to refer to your customer by their first name and offer recommendations. By using programs such as DotDigital’s EasyEditor to collect data for easy personalization, businesses can consider size, style, and color preferences. 

Employ machine learning algorithms to help process data to see what is working and what is not. Privacy concerns should remain a priority. Make sure your customers know how you collect and use their data. Be certain your business is following data protection laws. 

Loyalty, trust, and engagement are sure to increase following these trends and best practices into 2024.

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