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AI is no joke, and continues to grow more and more relevant in the modern world. But what is it? Artificial Intelligence, or AI, is basically a robot that learns from us, and can provide information/results to us in as quick as seconds.

ChatGPT, Gemini, and Claude are the three AI language models that seem to be taking over right now. Subjectively, ChatGPT is the most known of the three, but all three provide similar services. It truly can just depend on what you are using the engine for, for which one can best help you.

Why does it matter which platform you use?

It matters because one platform can give you the tone you want, but maybe not the answers you want. On the other hand, you might be able to get complex answers from one, in not exactly the tone you’re looking for. Each engine excels in its own parts, so understanding which is right for you is vital.

Claude was created by Anthropic AI, and uses constitutional AI to train it. Constitutional AI and feedback allows for Claude to be continuously learning and trained outside of using human interaction. Claude is most known for its extremely clear communication skills, and ability to follow complex instructions. By using Constitutional AI to train it, Anthropic is able to make Claude excel in complex areas.

If you ask Claude, it says “Beyond general language understanding, I was specifically trained on tasks involving analysis, reasoning, and problem-solving”. When you sign up to make an account on Claude, it requires you to confirm you are over the age of 18, and gives safety warnings before you enter the site. Additionally, Claude focuses on ethics - built with ethical guidelines and respect for intellectual property, Claude will essentially attempt to never allow you to cross ethical boundaries through the use of it. As we’ve learned that Claude excels in analysis, reasoning, and task breakdown, it does have its limitations. Claude cannot, unlike other forms of AI, search the internet or use external sources to help in your answers. Claude is only as up to date as the information it’s told. Claude is in one format, but continues to update as it learns and advances.

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Gemini was developed by Google, and launched in March of 2023. Gemini was originally named Bard, and rebranded in December, launching completely in February of 2024. To the greatest understanding, Gemini was created as Google’s response to the popularity and rise of ChatGPT. When Bard was launched and open to the public, there were concerns with it’s inability to offer fully accurate information and would respond with offensive information. Bard underwent more training from contractors, and eventually added in math and logic, more languages, and more. Gemini was the rebranding, emphasizing its growth from the original days of Bard to Gemini. Gemini is integrated into Google products, like google workspace and google phones. Available in three versions, Gemini Ultra is for more complex uses, Pro is for a medium need of analysis and conversation, and Nano is for day-to-day, on the go use.

One of the key differences between Claude and Gemini is that Gemini has multimodal capabilities, including text, image, audio, and video. If you submit a photo, Gemini can identify and give you information on what you see in the photo- like what flower, animal, or vehicle you are submitting a photo of. Like Claude, Gemini has its faults, too. Gemini is trained, so cannot give you the most creative or original ideas, and does not have a full ability to put ethics into consideration. Gemini, like all AI, is only trained by others, so it does lack technical knowledge as it continues to grow.

ChatGPT was created by OpenAI,  and was the first of the three to launch, launching in November of 2022. ChatGPT is arguably the most known chatbot for AI, and the most used. Since ChatGPT has had the most time, there has been a lot of development and growth. Through outsourcing workers and other AI systems, ChatGPT has been trained to not engage in harmful or offensive content. ChatGPT is the most versatile and involved of the three, with many more features. ChatGPT has an extensive list of third-party integrations and plugins, including but not limited to OpenTable, Shopify, Slack, Expedia, and more.

Even Canva has begun to integrate ChatGPT into the platform. ChatGPT is one of the more widely available options, where anybody can access and use - and possibly the easiest. You can most clearly say “here is what I need, in this tone, and this format”, and get that in response. Additionally since ChatGPT has been around the longest, there has been possibly the most amount of training and improvements. Unlike the other language models we’ve covered, ChatGPT does struggle with creating things that seem correct, but are inaccurate. They are working to continue to train ChatGPT to avoid this from furthering.

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Claude, Gemini, and ChatGPT are three similar but very different platforms used to make your life easier. All three of these are trained to answer complex and difficult questions in the matter of seconds. Claude is the most limited on what you can submit for review, but is one of the most complex in ability to answer questions like writing code and analyzing.

ChatGPT is the easiest for communication and the day-to-day person, and Gemini Nano is similar to ChatGPT and its ability to answer the simple questions like “why do dogs shed”, to “write me a movie script”. Claude and ChatGPT are the two most recognized for their ability to recognize and avoid offensive language, and Claude takes into consideration ethical standpoints the most.

Claude is best for high-stake situations that ethical considerations need to be used. Gemini gives certain answers, using Google as its base, and ChatGPT is great in its ability to give you copy. All three have plans to continue modifying their knowledge, continuing to use their amount of usage to train them, and grow more and more in their abilities and integrations. These three are vital for businesses, and are expected to give easy answers and continuous growth for these businesses. You can access information quickly, accurately, and in a timely manner through the use of all three.

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Overall, you can feel best simplifying the three to Claude being the most ethical, ChatGPT being for the daily user, and Gemini being for the most accurate in question responses. You can even ask each platform which is the most beneficial out of the three to help you with your precise question.

Bottom line, these platforms are here to help us and will continue to advance, so take advantage of these platforms and their ability to help you.

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