Adriana Lacy Consulting is thrilled to introduce its inaugural class of interns for the fall of 2023. These four dynamic individuals come with diverse backgrounds, unique experiences, and a shared passion for the digital realm.

Casandra Shih, a graduate from the University of Oregon, has joined as a Social Media Intern. She's an energetic creative spirit with a deep-seated passion for amplifying diverse voices. Casandra's insatiable curiosity makes her an asset to the team, as she is always ready to embrace new challenges and perspectives.

Heatherly Jacob, hailing from Grand Canyon University, will be our Editorial Intern. With a strong inclination towards classical education and a penchant for homeschooling, Heatherly brings a fresh perspective. She is just as comfortable penning poetry as she is writing engaging content for her waterfowl preservation site.

Neungleuthai Chalernphon, or 'Neung', is our Market Research Intern from St. Olaf College. He's an upcoming expert in data analytics and possesses a unique skill set in deciphering data for effective business choices. Fluent in multiple languages, Neung's multifaceted persona is bound to enhance our team's versatility.

Syeda Ghazal Qadri from Boston University, another Market Research Intern, boasts a Master's in Business Analytics. With her profound expertise in data-driven problem-solving, she's passionate about harnessing insights to mold strategic decisions. Ghazal's ability to navigate complex data landscapes will undoubtedly play a pivotal role in the firm's research endeavors.

Adriana Lacy, Founder and CEO of Adriana Lacy Consulting, expressed her enthusiasm: "Welcoming our first-ever class of interns is not just a milestone for the firm, but a testament to our commitment to nurture young talents in the digital space. I am beyond excited to witness the fresh perspectives and vigor they'll bring to our projects."

As Adriana Lacy Consulting continues its mission to offer top-notch digital solutions, this new class of interns is poised to add significant value, ensuring the firm remains at the forefront of the industry.

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