Branded content takes a fresh approach to marketing, pushing the boundaries of creativity and messaging. Where traditional marketing aims to increase awareness of a product or service using billboards, print ads or television commercials, branded content leaves viewers with a deeper sense of a brand’s values.  

But as consumers flock to newer technologies, how branded content is promoted has evolved. Blogs, videos and podcasts provide the perfect opportunity to engage with your audience using branded content. 


If you’ve never thought about podcasts to deliver your branded content, think again. Branded podcasts offer businesses the opportunity to educate and entertain their audience. Increased website traffic using keywords and links within transcripts is an added benefit. 

With a good microphone and recording software, podcasts can be made virtually anywhere. From Sephora to Trader Joe’s, brands are using podcasts to tell an engaging story with unique content.  

Take the popularity of Sephora’s GirlBoss Radio. Highlighting influential women, the podcast has helped to boost the popularity of the brand’s lip line while increasing its loyal following.  

Be sure to engage with your audience by asking for feedback, reading and responding to comments, and discovering which topics resonated most with listeners. 


Another website driver, blogs have the power to help your company promote products and services, build trust, and answer questions your customers may have. 

Blogs are perfect for increasing website traffic based on the number of indexed pages from multiple blog posts. This in turn increases your results on Google search engine results pages. 

Blog posts can also be repurposed for social media content. Instead of creating new content for each platform, repurposed content saves time and provides an opportunity for posts to be shared, further expanding your reach. 

When your site includes blog posts which educate your audience about your field, product, or service, you are building trust with your customers and increasing your authority on the topic. 


A branded video has many forms. Serving to share your company’s vision, it connects your goals and values by offering product demos, case studies, testimonials, or company culture. 

Company culture videos, whether they be Instagram Reels, TikToks, YouTube videos or anything in between, can give an inside look into your company and the way employees interact. This can evoke an empathetic response from your audience and provide a sense of belonging. 

Perhaps a new product launch is followed by a flood of questions. Creating an explainer video can help address any questions and issues consumers may have in an engaging way. 

There are also testimonial videos, which can build trust. Your customers know better than anyone the benefit your service provides, so ask specific questions about how your product has helped.

Branded content can do more than reach a wide audience, it increases connection while telling your brand’s story and makes it memorable. You can increase your use of branded content with podcasts, blogs, and videos and increase trust while driving website traffic and conversions.

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