Artificial intelligence (AI) has made an enormous splash in virtually every industry. And whether or not there’s a sweeping love for its arrival or cautious optimism, there’s no arguing that it’s transforming the way we do things—including influencer marketing.

But how can you utilize the power of AI without coming across like a robot? Here are some practical strategies for leveraging AI without losing that authentic flair that your target demographic knows you for.

Understanding AI’s power

Let’s start by addressing what AI can (and can’t) do for you. Before AI came onto the scene, influencer marketing often relied on gut instincts and manual vetting processes. While these methods could yield results, they were time-consuming and not consistently accurate.

AI changed everything by being able to parse through enormous amounts of data in the blink of an eye. AI can evaluate metrics like engagement rates, audience demographics, and sentiment analysis from previous posts.

Something AI isn’t particularly good at yet, however, is giving content a personal touch. Influencers still need to inject that into their marketing to harness their true potential. Fortunately, AI handling most of the data collection frees up time and space for you to do precisely that.

Building authenticity (and still using AI)

A human touch is indispensable for marketing; it gives people a sense of connection and trust. AI can be part of identifying ways to adjust your marketing tactics. But ultimately, it’s up to you to create content that still feels human. Using AI exclusively will make your marketing techniques feel hollow and impersonal—causing most people to scroll right past you.

So, if AI can’t build authenticity all by itself, how can it at least assist you with creating a more authentic brand voice? One of the strongest cases for integrating AI into your influencer marketing strategy is the depth of insights you can derive. Run-of-the-mill metrics like followers and likes are no longer the sole indicators of success. AI features allow you to delve deeper into metrics like engagement quality, follower authenticity, and even predictive analytics to forecast campaign performance.

This information lets you know more about who interacts with your content and why. Use these details to inform how you can engage with people more authentically about what they care about. 

A good example might be if you were a fashion influencer and learned from AI how important eco-consciousness is to those who follow your brand. Knowing this information can lead you to create content honing in on this that still rings personal to your brand’s story.

Crafting data-driven content

How can AI help you create better content through data collection? You can’t have quality content without context, and that’s where AI reigns supreme. By analyzing audience preferences and trending topics, AI can suggest content ideas likely to resonate with your target audience. This ensures that the content your influencers produce is both engaging and relevant. 

Relevance comes from AI tools, letting you know what people in your industry are talking about. Capitalizing on what’s currently in the conversation can boost engagement and shares, so it’s an invaluable part of using AI in your content creation.

Evolve with AI’s evolution

AI's strength (and arguably drawback) is that it’s still in its infancy. There’s a lot of room for growth there, and it’s an influencer's job to stay plugged in and grow with it. You can use AI tools to help gather reports on what’s working and what isn’t—not just for your content but for the AI itself.

A good rule of thumb is to constantly review your marketing campaigns. This is even more crucial once you introduce AI into your strategy; you want to ensure that the feedback you receive isn’t impacted by using AI to create content. It’s easily avoidable if you make a point to add human influence to everything you post. Still, it’s also how you can use data-driven information to consistently improve what you’re putting out.

Authenticity with AI is possible with human influence

By combining the strengths of AI and the human mind, it’s never been easier to create engaging content that both addresses the data we receive and connects with our target demographics in a very real way. And as these tools get more sophisticated, new marketing strategies will continue unfolding, revealing even better ways to connect with those you and your brand want to reach.

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