Integration of AI in Marketing Strategies

AI helps business owners bring their ideas to the table with a bit more confidence. It is also saving businesses time and money. 

Integration of AI in Marketing Strategies
Katie Metz // Adriana Lacy Consulting 
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Adriana Lacy Consulting enjoys being one step ahead of the marketing conversations happening in the world of business. Whether our clients are making business decisions in the boardroom or testing out strategies on social media, our top priority is to present them with the best ways to boost their business. 

If there’s one area that has captured our attention, it is Artificial Intelligence (AI) in marketing and communications. You can’t miss how this cool tool is taking the media world to new heights. Although the concept of AI isn’t new, the way in which marketers are now using it is something to further research. 

Have you had a conversation with a chatbot on your favorite website recently? If this scene sounds familiar, you are already more familiar with AI than you think. Someone — or something — is studying your behavior. AI-powered interactions gather data from human interactions. Marketers then take this information and use it to inform their next decisions. They now have a little more insight into how their customers make decisions. It’s all about better understanding a customer’s behavior. 

  • This color or that one? 
  • Three options or five options? 
  • Friday or Monday?

These questions seem simple, but they can make or break the launch of a campaign. AI helps business owners bring their ideas to the table with a bit more confidence. It is also saving businesses time and money. 

Surprise! You’re on an AI-powered site

You may be shocked by how some of your favorite brands are integrating AI into their marketing strategies. From online chatbots to quizzes, AI is around more than you think. Using ways that are often subtle, businesses are gathering information about your likes and dislikes. They are using these methods to create products they believe you will love. 

Here are three examples of real-world uses for AI in marketing:

Serving the right drinks
Iced or hot? Starbucks may be onto something when they suggest your next drink. They, too, have jumped into the world of using AI to make decisions that will keep their customers returning. 

Through their app, Starbucks is gaining data from their customers to see what they like — and what they love. Through this research, the app can suggest different drinks to customers who have already expressed their loyalty by frequently using the app for rewards. These drink suggestions then become personal, which can make any customer feel like their coffee was made just for them. 

Benefit: Customers are more likely to try suggested drinks if other drink choices have been successful. 

Loving the look
Sephora is a top beauty brand known for being a leader in the industry. When they stepped into the AI world, they continued to pave the way. Sephora Visual Artist is one way the business leverages AI to create something special for its customers. 

Using this technology, customers can explore different makeup options. Imagine trying on different foundations or even lipstick colors without having to spend money or use samples. The goal is for customers to make their next purchase with confidence — thanks to the help of this friendly AI tool.

Benefit: Customers see Sephora as a helpful resource, empowering them to make the right decision for makeup. 

The next shoe designer

Nike is leveling up its partnership with customers by allowing them to design their own shoes — without fear of a lawsuit. In return, they are using customer preferences gathered through AI technology to help them make informed decisions for their next shoe designs. 

Nike launched its “By You” campaign, which gave customers online and in-store freedom to create something they would love to wear. Knowing a target audience’s preferences is invaluable. AI is making it easier to make this process less expensive and time-consuming. 

Benefit: Customers can showcase their creativity while partnering with a top shoe brand. 

The future is now

If you are concerned about AI and its sci-fi nature, rest easy. It is much more common than you think. AI also uses natural language to engage with customers, so throw away the idea of a robotic interaction. We have moved far from this type of engagement. 

AI marketing strategies aren’t going anywhere, so we suggest you do your research and take the lead. We believe AI is a movement you will not want to miss. Instead of finding ways to move around AI-powered marketing strategies, partner with us to learn the best way to navigate this new space so your business can win. 

Throughout the process, remember the value of your voice. As helpful as AI can be to your business, it can never replace your gut, experience, and emotions. Your customers know your brand and its reputation. They depend on you for excellent products and services. Your business will always need YOU. 

Yes, it’s time to join the conversation. However, make sure your audience can capture your voice and tone — even with a little help from AI tools and technology. 

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