The annual Online News Association (ONA) conference, held this year in Philadelphia, has once again delivered a wealth of knowledge, insights, and opportunities for journalists and media professionals from around the world.

As the curtains fall on the event, the real work begins: How can journalists take the learnings from the conference and apply them to their daily roles and within their newsrooms?

Embracing Technology:
At the ONA conference in Philadelphia, one clear message was that technology is changing the way we tell stories. For newsrooms to stay current, they need to learn about new tools like augmented reality and AI. Regular training can help teams feel comfortable and get creative with these tools.

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Digital Ethics and Integrity:
The online world can be tricky. With the rise of fake news and misinformation, it’s more important than ever for news teams to be honest and reliable. Newsrooms might think about creating groups or sessions to talk about these challenges and how to overcome them.

Diversifying the Newsroom:
Different voices make for richer stories. The ONA conference highlighted the importance of having a mix of people in the newsroom. News orgs can think about new hiring practices, partnerships, or community projects to ensure varied perspectives are included.

How to Increase Community Engagement in Journalism with In-Person Events
In the world of journalism, community isn’t just an audience; it is a powerful resource that can invigorate the practice of journalism and reestablish its relevance in a rapidly changing world.

Prioritizing Mental Health:
Journalism can be tough, and mental health is crucial. The conference stressed the need to support journalists' well-being. Ideas? Offer stress-relief workshops, access to counseling, or create team support groups. Happy journalists mean a healthier newsroom.

Engaging the Audience:
It’s a two-way street. Modern readers don’t just want to read; they want to interact. Newsrooms can consider hosting Q&A sessions, collecting feedback, or even involving the community in story ideas to build a strong connection with their audience.

Collaborative Journalism:
Working together can lead to bigger and better stories. The conference showed how partnerships, either within a news agency or with others, can offer fresh angles and deeper insights.

Building Bridges: Proactive Strategies for Engaging Black Audiences in Journalism
The path to engaging Black audiences in journalism is paved with a historical understanding of their relationship with the media.

Continued Learning:
The world of news is always changing, and learning never stops. It’s a good idea for journalists to keep updating their skills, whether it’s through workshops, courses, or seminars. Sharing new learnings with colleagues can also benefit the whole team.

The ONA conference gave a lot of great advice for today’s newsrooms. By embracing these ideas, journalists can produce better, more relevant stories that resonate with everyone.

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