By: Nicole Sonnier

Social media reports are often done at the last minute. This usually isn’t because the data-heavy documents are invaluable, but because the process hasn’t been streamlined. The data is in too many places, there are too many metrics to interpret, and there is no simple way to wrap things up for a presentation.

But all of that hassle has come to an end thanks to the help of Social Chime and its variety of tools, including social media reporting.

Social Chime has one mission: to harmonize the world of social media management. This mission sounds like a dream come true for social media managers around the globe. As they try to stay one step ahead of the ever-changing landscape, they are still tasked with a big assignment: interpreting data and sharing it with decision-makers.

One of the greatest struggles of being a social media manager is managing it all. It should all be so simple, right? Wrong.

While the big task is looking at the analytics and answering to the top executives, social media managers must learn how to adapt to change, confidently interpret data, and educate the decision-makers on their team. Without a clear plan on using analytics to their advantage, a social media plan isn’t a plan at all.

Making the connection

Social Chime values connecting and engaging across social media platforms. The company’s features and tools are all about making these processes easier and more effective. After all, the most successful brands are the ones with the most engagement.

If you want to make a connection, you first have to understand how far you've come with your audience — and how much further you must go. Rushing this process doesn’t typically end well. Instead, seasoned social media managers take time to dig deeper into the analytics. The data helps to inform their decision about which content works best, which platform is most valuable to an audience, and which changes would be most successful.

Analytics include everything from the conversation rate to video views. Each company has unique marketing goals, so each manager is prioritizing something different. Here’s where the advanced yet customizable analytics techniques of Social Chime come in handy:

All about the analytics

When it is time to make a decision about your next social media strategy, it comes down to the numbers. It’s all about the analytics. If the numbers aren’t painting a profitable picture, it may be time to consider another approach.

Social media reporting is one of the key ways Social Chime supports its data-driven customers. Social Chime provides its customers with reports that are easy to review, interpret, and share. In an instant, you can receive custom results about your company’s social media results.

Then, you can share them in a branded way to increase brand awareness internally and externally.

Create branded templates

If you are manually entering social media numbers on a spreadsheet, those days are over. Before you dig deeper into the analytics, Social Chime helps you start with a professional, branded template. When you are ready to share your next report, return to the template. Who says reports have to be boring or limited to an Excel spreadsheet?

  • Benefits: Branded templates make it easy for anyone on your team to pass along this important data. These templates can fit beautifully into an already existing PowerPoint. The templates can quickly be printed and inserted into a folder during a Board of Directors presentation. Branded templates show harmony across all departments within the company, from finance to marketing.

Choose your view

Your data needs may look different each month, and Social Chime is steps ahead. When creating your analytics report, choose all of your connected social media channels, a few, or just one. Regardless of your choice, expect a detailed, in-depth look at the numbers.

  • Benefits: If you’re sending emails to segmented audiences, don’t you think something similar exists in the social media world? When it’s time to look at the numbers, perhaps a large percentage of your audience is on one platform over the other. It’s no problem to isolate and review this platform.

Move your metrics

As a social media manager, you may be looking to increase an account’s followers after the launch of a campaign. But another social media manager may be more interested in engagement, including reactions and comments. There is no one-size-fits-all approach when you know your company’s unique needs and social media goals.

  • Benefits: Social Chime is confident about empowering social media managers to make the metrics work for their company’s needs. Only use what you need instead of having a crowded analytics report that doesn’t inform your decision-making process.

Determine your date

Did the CEO just ask for the analytics for the past month — or the past year? Either way, Social Chime is up for the challenge. Social Chime can produce analytics within five minutes and is prepared for the period you choose, regardless of the range. For social media managers, one of the best ways to check in on goals and objectives is to notice patterns and trends from the past.

  • Benefits: All of your hard work is paying off, and being able to reflect on the past makes it easier. Finding data based on a certain period can be the difference between a promotion or a pink slip. You can use these analytics to showcase improvements you’ve made since you began a new role or to highlight a specific campaign period.

Automate your analytics

Share your analytics without having to make it another to-do item. Social Chime makes it easier for social media managers to receive reports when they are ready — from daily to quarterly to annually. Download the results as a PDF or PowerPoint. You can also automate this process and send results to an email list.

  • As a social media manager, you already have too much on your plate. Show your supervisor how you value data-driven decisions by sharing updates frequently and consistently. The process is also automated, so you are less likely to fall out of a routine.

Get started with Social Chime. Explore benefits of social media reporting a free trial.

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